Mission Mental is a new blog created by B.E.S.T. (Building Emotional Strength Together), a community action committee that’s part of the Issaquah Schools Foundation’s Healthy Youth Initiative.

We’re on a mission! Our ultimate goal is prevention of youth suicide. Getting to that goal, we’ll focus on understanding and removing the stigma of mental illness.

Our corps of bloggers will focus on:

  • the science of brain development
  • understanding and managing depression, anxiety, and stress
  • understanding addiction and other brain-related diseases
  • understanding the many faces of mental illness
  • The science of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)
  • understanding how ACEs impact brain development
  • insights into bullying and harassment and other environmental stressors
  • understanding suicide and how to prevent it in the ones we love

We hope to bring mental illness out of the dark and into the light by reducing the stigma surrounding mental conditions that are often temporary and often manageable. By reducing fear in those experiencing mental illness and in the general public, we hope to encourage acceptance, treatment and wellness.

This blog will be a place where people can express their views on on all aspects of the increasingly important field of mental health. Join us as a reader or blogger!