Jerry B is a chemical dependency counselor who focuses on teen recovery.  He counsels at Lakeside Milam and is a member of the Bellevue College Chemical Dependency Counseling faculty.  He is proud to be in recovery for twenty years.

Barbara D leads the Healthy Youth Initiative for the Issaquah Schools Foundation.  You can reach Barbara at

Kim K is a professional writer with a background in mental health communications. She recovered from teen depression and disordered eating and is grateful that mental health treatment is available and effective. She lives in Issaquah with her husband and children.

Suzie K is a member of B.E.S.T. (Building Emotional Strength Together), and a community activist who focuses on helping youth in need of clothing, housing, food and school supplies.

Jenna P is a student member of B.E.S.T. and a high school senior in the Issaquah School District. She is passionate about promoting mental wellness in her community and is excited to blog about it!